Success, sort of….

Beave on the move (copyright Shelley L. Ball)

Well, I did go back to the pond at 4:30pm. Stayed there for 2 hours and lo and behold, I did manage to get a few shots. Nothing stunningly beautiful, but I’m learning that this is a lot harder than it looks. So I’m happy with my results for today. I sat (patiently) for an hour before Beave decided to make his appearance. When he did, he surfaced unexpectedly right in front of me. Only had time to rattle off about 4 frames. Then it was a LOT of waiting (more patience). I was keeping my eye on the time because Ray said he’d drive the ATV down to the path and pick me up.  So I had to be on the path at 6:30pm to meet him. Too bad because Beave became quite active just before 6:30pm. Murphy’s Law…. But I did manage to get a few frames of him before I had to leave. I could have stayed longer, but I was frozen, it was getting late, and the ATV ride home saved me a 2 km walk with 35 lbs. of camera equipment. At least I managed to get a few photos and I had a great time just enjoying sitting quietly by the pond.


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