Photo of the Week

Ok, I know I’m delinquent! It’s been ages since I actually posted anything except a photo of the week and even the Photo of the Week is a day late and I missed last week. I hang my head in blogging shame. But it’s been busy. The week of September 29th, I was up in the Temagami area scouting and checking out the lodge where I’ll be holding my inaugural photography workshop – the Canadian Outdoor Photography Workshop, in spring 2013. Plans are underway, so check back here at my blog and my website as details unfold. I’ll post updates here so you know when the details of the workshop are available and when registration opens. There will only be 6 spaces available on the course, so it will be a case of booking early to ensure your place on the course. Lots of great things are planned and we have a beautiful location to photograph and a comfortable lodge to use as our home base.

While we were up near Temagami, scouting the area we kept our eyes open for moose. The weather on one day was foul and definitely not conducive to wildlife sightings, but the other two days were gorgeous and we honestly thought we’d see moose. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying! We consulted the locals, were told the best places to find them, but no luck. The morning we had to head back home, we went back to one dirt road we’d been on a few days earlier and seen moose tracks, but no moose. We figured we had nothing to lose and would drive the 20+ km of dirt road until we reached the point where the road turned into an ATV track and so too narrow and rough for our truck. All that way and nothing – no moose. So we turned around the head home. As is often the case, the appearance of wildlife is serendipitous. Not three minutes down the road, we countered our first moose (and the subject of this weeks Photo of the Week). Our encounter was relatively fleeting so only limited photo opportunities, but it was wonderful nonetheless. We continued on down the road. Five minutes later we came across three moose together! Wow! Bonus! Even more fleeting photo ops for this one, but that’s ok; it was still really neat. We continued down the road, heading back to the main highway. We ended up spotting one more moose! Pretty amazing – five moose in the course of 30 minutes. We had photos and were happy with our sightings and so feeling more willing to head home after a productive trip, on all accounts.

Photo of the Week - Moose Day


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