And now…. time for something green

So here we are, in the depths of winter. I had to work from home today due to the ice pellets, freezing rain, rain and snow we’ve had in the last 18 hours. Yup, we pretty much got it all! At least it’s snowing right now, which for me, sure beats winter rain. I personally love winter. Yes, I receive a lot of hate mail and snide comments when I make that statement. Not all of my friends, family and colleagues share my  love and enthusiasm for winter. But to each, his own….

For those of you that don’t enjoy winter or just find it long and are longing for spring, when everything is vibrant green, here is an image for you. A little something to keep you hopeful that yes, winter will end and spring will come again. In the not too distant future, we will again be surrounded by the lushness of spring. In the meantime, enjoy this image. It is an image of Horestail and grasses, that grow together on the edge of my lawn. I took this with my Nikon 105 mm lens. A beautiful lens. Crisp, clear and a joy to work with. For this image, I got down low and focused on part of the Horestail, pushing my lens right up to the grasses. This, and a shallow depth of field, create a soft, dreamy look.

I hope it makes you think of springtime, which really isn’t all that far away. The songbirds start to migrate back in March and well, we’re on the cusp of February already.

In the meantime, I hope you get out to do some winter photography. Get out late in the day when the light is cool, casting blue and purple shadows on the white snow. To me, that is magical lighting and definitely the time to get out your camera.

Horsetail and grasses, shot with a Nikon 105 mm lens. The shallow depth of field and being in very close to the subject create an ethereal, almost dreamy feel to the image.


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