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Nature Photographer Jim Brandenburg’s test of the Nikon D800

Have a look at Jim Brandenburg’s blog. He was commissioned by Nikon to put the new D800 through it’s paces prior to launch date.

Click on the thumbnail below to visit Jim’s blog and read his comments.


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Nikon D800 – it’s official!

Well, after much anticipation, it’s official. The Nikon D800 has been announced. All 36 MP of it. 36 glorious megapixels….

The Nikon D800 makes its debut.

I’ve already started tossing Loonies and Toonies into a jar to save up for this one. I’m currently shooting with a D200, which I absolutely love! But let’s face it, by today’s standards, it’s OLD. And I can tell. The image quality just doesn’t hold up to that of the latest technology. I don’t shoot above ISO 320 because image quality is compromised. My Nikon 600mm monster lens is ‘held back’ by the D200’s old technology. I can’t get the best out of my 600 mm due to the limitations of the camera. Don’t get my wrong. I love the D200! But technology has marched on and it’s time to upgrade.

If it’s time to upgrade, why not upgrade to the the D4? It sounds amazing! But with a price tag of over $6,000 CDN, it’s just not on the books (unless my lotto ticket for Friday night is particularly ‘lucky’). And from the overviews of the D800 that have appeared on the web, I’m just not convinced that, at least for me, the D4 is worth the extra dosh.

The D800, in my opinion, is perfect. About half the price of the D4. It’s touted as the D4’s little sister. It has the best and newest technology, like the D4. High megapixel count (which is great, but it’s not entirely about MP’s). It shoots HD video. Has 51 point wide area focusing. To be honest, I almost think the D800 carries more bang for it’s buck. And I don’t think that’s sour grapes talking simply because my piggy bank isn’t big enough. I’ll have to sit down and do a detailed comparison. No doubt there are features of the D4 that justify its price tag. But for many of us, I think the D800 delivers the grunt of the D4, many of the same features, but at half the price tag and that’s just fine by me.

Nikon Canada lists the D800 at $3149.95. That’s pretty decent for what you’re getting. I have read that Nikon will be releasing a D800 E, which touts better image quality because the low pass filter has been removed. Although it comes with the caveat. The overview on the Engadget website says, “Without the low-pass filter, you’re likely to notice moire, though a new setting in the Nikon Capture NX2 software will enable you to compensate without losing sharpness.” I haven’t seen the Canadian price for D800 E, but from the info I’ve seen so far in the American market, it’s only a few hundred dollars more expensive. Question is…. is it worth the extra loonies for just that much more image quality? I think that’s one of those questions that gets put in the TBD pile.

I’ll be checking the websites – Vistek, Aden Camera, Downtown Camera, etc to see when the D800 appears in their inventory. In the meantime, I’m squirreling away my Loonies and Toonies, in utter anticipation….

Have a look at the overview on the Engadget website: http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/06/nikon-d800-hands-on/

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