Photo of the Week – Tree Sparrow In The Snow

Still recovering from the flu and so haven’t been out much with the camera. Although I did spend a bit of time in the front yard, practicing my bird photography. Not a whole lot of activity, but I did capture this nice little Tree Sparrow. I love these birds. Even the chirps they make as they gather in small groups around the seed on the ground is fun.

Click on the thumbnail below to see the Photo of the Week on the 44th Parallel Photography website.



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2 responses to “Photo of the Week – Tree Sparrow In The Snow

  1. Cracking pic Shelley, they are gorgeous birds and unfortunately, certainly in the UK are rare, in fact I don’t ever recall having seen one yet!
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely photo. Hope your flu is subsiding and you are on the mend.


    • Thanks Mark! They’re really neat little birds. They hang around in small flocks and they make just the neatest little chirping sounds when they mill around to eat seeds off the snow. Great little birds. But they don’t sit still for long. Like the Chickadees, they are actually a bit tough to photograph well because they are always on the move.

      Thanks – I’m getting better. This year’s flu packed a hefty punch! Starting to get back on my feet. Hoping to head out next weekend to a provincial park a few hours from here, in search of owls. We had a Barred Owl land on a tree in our front yard this evening. So they may be on the move now.

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