They’re baaaack!

Well, here it is, spring again. Red winged Blackbird season, as I call it. To me, these guys are the first sign that spring is actually here. Even though it might still be cold and dreary and we might have the odd snow shower, these birds still encourage me. They are the first (well, along with the Common Grackles) to set up territories amongst last years grey-brown, lifeless cattails and as a splash of colour and life. Go to any cattail marsh right now and it will be full of Red wings and Grackles squawking at each other, protesting each other’s presence, and trying to claim the best territory so they can attract a good female. It is a sign of spring, a right of passage and a very welcome sight after a long winter.

Life has been so busy lately that spring arrived and I haven’t even been out with my 600 mm lens photographing birds. That’s like cutting off my oxygen! I need air! šŸ™‚ But my work travel is done, the exam is done for my online course, and finally, I have some time to get out. It’s the Easter long weekend this weekend and I plan to don rubber boots and camo and get out with the lens. I can’t wait!

I love the splash of colour these birds bring to the grey-brown of last years lifeless cattails. Spring has arrived! Get out the camera. Time to have some fun!


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