Photo of the Week – Turkey Talk

Finally! 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week is back. Phew! It’s been a super busy time. I was away in Edmonton for work for a week. Then back home, but work and everything else busy and going by at warp speed. So finally, this Easter long weekend, there was time for a breather (ok, well a fast one :)). I did manage to get out the camera for a wee bit. It felt sooo good to get behind that 600mm lens again. I’m just chomping at the bit until the songbirds show up.

44th Parallel Photography's Photo of the Week - Turkey Talk!

I also finally, got my first photo of wild turkeys. Not the greatest images, but just had to post one because I was happy that I finally got something. Ever tried to photograph wild turkeys? If so, I’d like to hear your tales. It isn’t easy! These birds are skittish to say the least! They _look_ easy to photograph. After all, they’re huge and they don’t really fly much. How much easier can it get? Ya well, you try! šŸ˜‰ Soon as they see you, they motor away on their spindly little legs. But not this time! As I said, no award winning photos for me. But at least it’s progress. And now that I know a spot where I think I can find them again, I’ll be back. Only thing is, I’m headed up to the Yukon this week for work. So no turkey photos for me this week. However, I will refrain from any complaining because I was lucky enough to extend my work trip by two days and so if all goes well, I’ll be meeting a friend in Whitehorse, where we’ll rent a car and hopefully spend two days zooming around the Yukon countryside with cameras in hand. One goal is to photograph the migrating Trumpeter Swans. Gawd, I hope they aren’t like wild turkeys….



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2 responses to “Photo of the Week – Turkey Talk

  1. Anne Johns

    Looks like he is wearing a red bow tie Shelley! Well done

    • Good to hear from you Anne. The males (toms) are both beautiful and ugly at the same time. They look pretty neat in their breeding colours. And well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :o)

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