Yukon Wildlife

Last week I went up to Whitehorse, in Canada’s Yukon territory, for work. My first time north of the 60th parallel. Woohoooo! Since I was making the long journey from Ottawa to Whitehorse for a 2 day meeting, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tack on a few days of personal leave to look around. And even better, a very good friend of mine (also a rabid photographer, check out www.tradewindsphoto.ca) lives 3 hours north of Whitehorse. And so we schemed to get together with our cameras and big lenses and ‘pull a Thelma and Louise’, which means road tripping (with a much better ending) with our cameras. We spent 2 days driving around the area south and southwest of Whitehorse, photographing the Trumpeter and Tundra Swans on their migration back north to breeding grounds. We also photographed an uncommon black colour morph of the Arctic Ground Squirrel. Of course, there was the stunning scenery….. In two days I shot just over 1300 images. Not really a lot in my mind, but some people think that’s a lot. I just wish I had more than 2 days to toot around the Yukon with my friend. But those two days is all it took for me to fall in love with the Yukon. What a place…. It’s rugged, wild, wide open. People are friendly. Whitehorse must have more excellent restaurants and cafes per capita than any other place I’ve been!

Although my trip was short, I was not disappointed by the wildlife we did see on those two, brief, chilly and mostly grey days. It was enough to whet my appetite and for me to promise myself that I’ll be back….

Here is a photo of a Bald Eagle taken at the Tagish River. More Yukon images to come so keep tuning in to see what’s next!




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2 responses to “Yukon Wildlife

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I must say that to me living in quiet Wales in the west of the UK, when I hear the name Yukon it just sounds like something out of the movies, and those old times of the trappers and hunters. I can see how exciting it would be for you. I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting photos.

  2. Thanks Mark. Yes, the Yukon does have tht look and feel of the Klondike days. It’s rugged and wonderful and the scenery is amazing. If you want to do wildlife photography, the Yukon is the place to be. I was there in very early spring and even though it was chilly and grey, we still saw some really cool wildlife! The bears were still snoozing and we only saw 2 caribou, but May is the magically month, apparently. I’d put the Yukon on your bucket list if you like the outdoors and photography. :o)

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