Photo of the Week – Sparky, the Arctic Ground Squirrel

Wow! Busy week! Finally a chance to post my Photo of the Week for 44th Parallel Photography. This week’s photo is of Sparky, an Arctic Ground Squirrel we got to know briefly during my recent trip to the Yukon. Arctic Ground Squirrels are common in the Yukon. But not black ones. They’re special. There’s a small population in this one spot near Marsh Lake where they are black, instead of grey-brown. And they’re cute. And they take a lot of patience to photograph. It boils down to a battle of wills. The photographer’s will to stick it out as long as possible to wait for that great moment when the little furbag sticks his head outside of his burrow enough to make for an interesting image. This, versus the squirrels will to stay safe, within the confines of its burrow, only willing to expose the top of it’s head to the potentially nasty world beyond its burrow. They say patience is a virtue…..I think the saying should be changed to, patience produces a good photograph….

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2 responses to “Photo of the Week – Sparky, the Arctic Ground Squirrel

  1. Anne Johns

    Very cute Shelley. Well done with the patience!

  2. Thanks Anne! It was sooo much fun photographing the two of them. The second one just appeared and it was a case of rattling off a few exposures before it was gone. That was it. But the first one – we must have spent a total of 2 hours and hundreds of frames to get some good shots. I’m going to post more shots here this week.

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