Photo of the Week – Tulips Galore!

This week’s Photo of the Week from 44th Parallel Photography features an image of the beautiful tulips blooming at Dow’s Lake in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Each spring here in Ottawa, we have the Nation’s Capital Tulip Festival. There are thousands of tulips in bloom all across the city, thanks to the Dutch Royal Family who gave tulip bulbs as a gift to Canada after WWII. Check out the Photo of the Week to learn more about this gift from the Dutch Royal Family.

These flowers are fun to photograph any time, whether bright sun or a rainy day. I’m hoping to head back there tomorrow to shoot some more, before the blooms wither away.

Click here to visit 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week.



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2 responses to “Photo of the Week – Tulips Galore!

  1. Anne Johns

    Gorgeous Shelley. Brings back memories of being in Canada in 1993 for T & M’s wedding on May 8th! Visited Ottawa at the time.

    • Thanks Anne! Yes, we really are lucky here to have the Tulip Festival. There are so many tulips it’s hard to know where to start with your camera. :o) I’m glad you got to see them in ’93 when you were here for the wedding. Hope you come back some time to see them.

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