Practice what you preach

During dinner tonight, I was thinking about today’s blog post on wildflowers, realizing that I hadn’t spent nearly as much time photographing our local wildflowers as I usually do. It’s just been that kind of year – lots of challenges and distractions and as a result, fewer photo opps. I noticed during dinner that the evening light was approaching golden and that now was the time to get out and shoot. And so I did! It was time to practice what I was preaching, which is practice, practice, practice! I have to say that I’m glad I followed my own advice. The wildflowers on our property won’t be here forever. The species in bloom now will go to seed soon and others will bloom in late summer and early fall. But if I want photos of daisies and brown-eyed susans and the like, now’s the time.

Here is a selection of photos from tonight’s shoot. They range from quite literal to completely abstract and everything in between. All I can say is, man, that was fun! 🙂 I hope you enjoy my images.

Yellow-eyed Daisies











Can you tell daisies are the most abundant flower on our property? 😉


I love abstracting flowers. Who says any part of the image really needs to be in focus?! 🙂







Change the exposure, tweak the colour, and have fun!



Brown-eyed Susan





Differences in colour temperature can great wonderful variety in your images.

















Vulper’s Bugloss






Look for lines that create a geometry to your image.


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