Another Grand Slam for Nikon?

Yesterday, Nikon officially announced the birth of it’s newest dSLR, the D600. Nikon’s done it again – produced another superb camera with amazing specs, for a very reasonable price tag. The D600 comes with a 24 MP full frame sensor. Smaller than its big brother the D800, which boasts a whopping 36MP sensor. But for just $2099, the D600 seems like fantastic value for the money.

I’m saving up for a new camera. I’m wayyyyy overdue to upgrade my D200. Yes, it’s OLD. But it’s my trusty steed, it fits me like a glove and, I’m not one to rush out and buy new equipment because it’s there. I like to let things steep a bit. See what the reviews are, let other people ‘test drive’ these cameras, blog about the pros and cons and then I decide. I had my sights on the D800. I still do. But my vision of my future purchase is less clear now that the D600 is out. 24 MP would suit me just fine! And the fact that it’s $1000 cheaper than the D800 catches my eye. If I had big budget, I’d definitely by the D800. Ideally, I’d like to buy both as I don’t have a back up camera right now. But unless I win the lotto, my next order to a camera store won’t be for two cameras. So, I sit here pondering whether I should wait a little longer, save up more dough and buy the D800 or whether it’s worth it to get the D600 now and then work towards the D800. At 8 MP, I really, really, really need to upgrade from my D200. It’s become obsolete. So any increase in MP is a bonus for me. But still, this won’t be an easy decision. I’ll keep my eye on the D600 reviews over the coming months and see what the masses say. Either way, I can’t go wrong. Both seem like superb cameras.

If you want to find out more about the D600, click on the thumbnail below to read dpreview’s thoughts on it.



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4 responses to “Another Grand Slam for Nikon?

  1. Not sure if you read Stobist’s blog but he wasn’t that knocked out with it. Doesn’t have a flash link socket or a 10 pin socket? I don’t know I am just repeating what he said. He is on Flickr if you don’t know him and you will find a link to his blog there.
    I must say that personally the spec sounds good however, I wont be changing my beloved D3S and my D2X back up just yet. (Even if I could afford too!!!).

    • Thanks for the good info Mark. I’ll check out Strobist review. The D600 could never beat the D3s, but for a prosumer camera, it sounds pretty decent. I still like the D800’s features and image quality from what i’ve read about it and seen on the web. A D3x would be nice, but I don’t think Santa’s going to be leaving one of those in my stocking anytime soon. lol

  2. Mike

    D200 has 10.2 mp. Not 8. Same as D80, D40x and D60.

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