I Love My Macro Lens….

The other day I did a shoot of some purple asters. One of them is my Photo of the Week. Some other images I used for my new ebook on fine art flower photography. So I had a specific purpose for my playing, but play I did and man, was it fun! I love those times where you start making images and the more you make, the better they get, the more fun it gets and by the end of the shoot you’re on a total high. Well, photographing these asters was like that. I loved every minute of it. And since I’d been writing about extension tubes in my book, I dusted off my extension tubes, put them onto my Nikon 105 mm macro lens and played. And played. And played. I think I’m addicted to making abstract images of flowers – images that are soft and ethereal or very painterly.

If you have a set of extension tubes, put them on your favourite lens and give some flower photography a try. Spend an afternoon experimenting, forcing yourself outside your comfort zone and see what you come up with.

Here are a few images from my recent flower shoot.







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