Photo of the Week – Lensbaby Maple Leaves

This week’s Photo of the Week is focused on fall colours again (who can resist?!), but with a twist. I used a Lensbaby to make this image. I love the way it distorts portions of the image and can spice up a ‘pattern’ shot, but creating a vignette of distortion and splotches of colour. I love what the Lensbaby does to trees and so this time of year is my favourite to swap the zoom lens for the Lensbaby and get out into the forest. For this image, I used a medium-aperture insert (sorry, no real f-stop is associated with the inserts you use to manipulate depth of field or in this case, more accurately, the portion of the image in focus) to ensure that enough of the image was in focus and that only the margins of the image would be distorted.

If you own a Lensbaby, I hope you get out before the fall colours disappear. They really are a lot of fun to play with.

Click on the thumbnail below to see 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week.


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2 responses to “Photo of the Week – Lensbaby Maple Leaves

  1. Anne Johns

    Beautiful Shelley……lovely lighting. What a great time of year in your part of the world.

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