Batten Down The Hatches and Stay Safe!

Well, Sandy has arrived! Not even fashionably late, but early. Here in the Ottawa Valley, we’re pretty far inland, but Sandy must be big so big that even we are being blown around. The power is still on… so far…. But I’m sure I saw a pair of raccoons go flying by the front door, carried by the wind.

As Winnie the Pooh would say, “A blustery day!” Not a good day to go out with your umbrella….or your camera. Stay inside, stay away from the coast and wait it out. Like the Olympics, it’s better to stay home and watch it on TV because it’s too difficult to get out and see the event in person.

To all of you on the eastern seaboard, I hope Sandy passes through quickly and that you stay safe.  And I hope your homes weather the storm ok, with only a few minor blemishes.

Take care!


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