Photo of the Week – White Out

Ah, it’s good to be back and working on the Photo of the Week after a brief trip out west for work. When we flew out to Edmonton it took us nearly an extra hour (of an already nearly 4 hour flight) just because the headwinds were so extraordinarily strong! Nothing like battling the jet stream….

I think those winds landed here. Today, I’m sitting at the computer wondering if the roof will lift off or that I’ll feel like I was teleported into a colourized version of the Wizard of Oz as the house gets sucked off its foundation. Sheesh!

Our noisy, windy day today compelled me to post a photo taken last year at Sharbot Lake, but it actually looked pretty similar here an hour ago.

For me, this Photo of the Week illustrates that you can make some great images in the worst of weather. Being out in 70 km per hour winds and driving snow doesn’t feel good. But it can offer some pretty impressive and interesting photographic opportunities.

Click on the thumbnail below to have a look at this week’s Photo of the Week from 44th Parallel Photography.

20 January 2013

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