Algonquin Moose – Photo of the Week

I’m just back from Algonquin Provincial Park. I made a really brief trip up there (30 hour round trip) to photograph moose. Late spring and mid fall are the best times to see them in the park. I was disappointed. In less that 24 hours I saw 11 moose and I photographed 5 of them. Some are wary and won’t stay around long enough to get a good photo. But others are very tolerant and as long as you keep your distance and respect their space, they will happily graze while you snap away. I can’t wait to get back up to Algonquin for more wildlife photography. I’ll definitely be back in the fall for more moose photography.

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1 June 2013



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2 responses to “Algonquin Moose – Photo of the Week

  1. Anne

    Hi Shelley…..we were there in 1993 and it is an absolutely stunning area. Saw the moose come down to the side of the road….for the salt I think?

  2. Anne

    Also when in Nova Scotia, photographed a mother with her baby feeding. Great sight.

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