A new book worth buying – The Masters of Nature Photography

I saw a post today on Jim Brandenburg’s Facebook page, announcing the release of the new book, The Masters of Nature Photography. It’s a fabulous new coffee table book containing over 100 images from the world’s top 10 nature photographers. All have won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The ten photographers featured in the book are: Jim Brandenburg, David Doubilet, Pal Hermansen, Frans Lanting, Thomas E. Mangelsen, Vincent Munier, Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, Paul Nicklen, Anup Shah and Christian Ziegler. Each photographer presents a 20 page portfolio of images, as well as describing their style of photography, influences and aims and the equipment used to make the image.  It also includes descriptions of why the pictures have special meaning to the photographer as well as telling the stories behind them.

Jiim Brandenburg_book1

For only $45 U.S., you can purchase a copy of the book, signed by Jim Brandenburg. Just click on the thumbnail above to go to Jim’s blog site. You can purchase the book directly from his blog site.

I plan to buy one and oggle over the amazing images by ten of the world’s best. A book containing that many images by the top wildlife photographers from around the world is not only brain-candy for me. It is also a great opportunity to study the images, to learn why these are winning images – what is it about the composition, lighting, perspective and other aspects that give these images that “wow factor”? I figure if I can’t be taught directly by these masters, I can certainly learn something from studying their images. I think we all strive to be better photographers. I know I am never satisfied with my images. Oh sure, my photography has improved and matured immensely over the years. But that’s different from being satisfied with my images. I’m always looking forward, looking to improve. And I have no doubt the images in this book with provide a lot of fodder for contemplation as well as just a great evening of pouring over a book of spectacular images.

Let me know if you buy one and if so, what you think.


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