Algonquin – the jewel of Ontario

As I wrote in my recent blog posts and with my Photo of the Week, I was recently up at Algonquin Park to attend a TEDx event. The following morning I got up early and went out with my camera. And boy, was I lucky. The morning air was chilled, but fresh and there was a light fog rolling across the lakes, ponds and marshes. It was a feast for a photographer’s eyes. As the sun rose and warmed the air, the fog lifted, revealing a stunningly beautiful early fall day.

Here are a few photos from that day. More on their way later, but in the meantime, enjoy… 🙂






13-2-1411_Algonquin Marsh_800px








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One response to “Algonquin – the jewel of Ontario

  1. Bruce Raby

    Hi Shelley. I know I owe you an email. Monday, however I managed to do it, I lost all my email folders along with all received and sent emails. So, I’m trying to remember what I had outstanding. You weer asking about how my paddle went. It was great. Got the paddle done in 3 days. I paddled with my son on Sat/Sun and then alone on Mon. Went from Pirate Cove Marina near Kemptville to Dows lake on the Mon in just under 8 hrs. It was wondeful, just me again the river.

    Most importantly, I managed to raise $4400 for the CCS. Now I’m thinking about next year.

    See you at the next meeting.


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