Coming Home…

Wow… I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post here again! I think this is the longest hiatus I’ve ever had from my blog. I miss posting. But life has been crazy-busy lately. I have some new projects on the go, others that I am moving to the background. So my focus has shifted a bit. But my blog is just as important as always and not getting to post here frequently drives me crazy! So I’m really working to get back to regular posting. Honest! 🙂

Today’s posting is to announce that 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week is morphing into the Photo of the Month. I’ve just been having too much of a struggle to post an image and description weekly, so instead I’ve made it monthly. This way I can focus that time on more blog writing. 🙂

This month’s photo is, as I explain in the accompanying write-up, one of those images that conveys beauty to the eye of the beholder, rather that on its own, having a more artful quality. But that’s ok. I think the image and words together, convey how special this image is to me. And so I hope you, as the reader, get a sense of that; perhaps it even makes you think of your own special place and causes you to recall some wonderful memories of a special place.

Sometimes the angle, the lighting conditions, and other factors mean that we can’t always make the image we want. So instead, the challenge is in making the best image under the circumstances. And in this case, for me, capturing an image of this special place was far more important than the quality of light, etc. In other words, this is one of those images that I took solely for me. But I did want to share it with you. I think we all have at least one special place on this planet, to which we feel a deep and unrelenting connection.

Click on the thumbnail below to visit the Photo of the Month.

October 2013


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