Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a great holiday, if you celebrate this time of year, and are energized to tackle this brand new year.

I am soooo far behind in my postings and online presence in general. My bad. It’s been a busy holiday and I’m only just resurfacing. I don’t like missing posts (or entire months for my Photo of the Month!) but  sometimes life just dishes out a few too many things at once. 2013 was a very, very challenging year for me, personally. It meant less time to post on my blog, my website, my Photo of the Month and other photography pursuits. But perhaps it’s not all bad when it happens. It makes you really miss it all and look forward to getting back in the saddle. So here I am!

Happy 2014 blog image

I’ve got some great things planned for 2014. I’ve got two new e-books in the works, am working on setting up more e-commerce so that my nature note cards, fine art posters and fine art prints will be available for purchase from anywhere around the world. I hope to do a lot more blog posting on a diversity of topics, including my latest addiction – low cost ways to take photos and video using remote control vehicles. I love the possibilities this opens up in terms of seeing the world from different perspectives. So stay tuned for more on this. I’ll be posting sample photos as well as descriptions of how I got them so that for those of you who also are interested in it, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. The world of ‘remote photography’ (e.g. trail cameras, GoPro Hero’s attached to quadricopters, Beetlecams, etc) is a rapidly growing one. But not all of us have the budget for the top end electronic devices for it. So I’ve been spending time researching ways to do it without going broke. 🙂

I’ll be offering my Fine Art Flower Photography workshop again this spring. Like last year, it will coincide with the Ottawa Tulip Festival. This year I will run two workshops – one on the weekend and one during the week. I hope we’re as lucky as last year with the sea of gorgeous tulips we were treated to during last year’s festival. I’ll be adding on a few more local workshops in the Perth/Westport area as well. So stay tuned for details.

There’s lots more new stuff to come, but I don’t want to give away too much right now… 🙂

Wishing you all the best for 2014,



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