Life, wisdom, and photography

I feel really bad that I’ve been so delinquent in posting here! It’s just that I’ve had so much on the go! So many wonderful things, many of which I can’t wait to share with you. So it’s not that I’ve lost interest and am not posting here anymore. It’s just that there are only so many hours in a day and until a few things get ticked off the list, I don’t have as much time as I did. But it’s only temporary. 🙂

Recently, I had lunch with a new friend. She was a participant in one of my fine art flower photography workshops this spring.  She’s a wonderful photographer and  it was a treat to have her in my workshop. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I loved how she rose to the challenge I issued my students – to force themselves outside their photographic comfort zone and try new things like multiple exposure, panning, and image overlay. She produced some beautiful images during the workshop.

Purple Aster  copyright Shelley L. Ball

Purple Aster
copyright Shelley L. Ball

Last week we met for lunch to talk photography. It was wonderful. Any opportunity to talk photography with kindred spirit makes me happy. 🙂

As we got talking about all of the various projects we are each embarking on or considering, the topic of how to tackle the big ones – the ones that take several months or more to accomplish, the ones that seem daunting, – came up and we both shared how the intimidation of these big projects can be a barrier to even starting them. But during our conversation, I recalled some wonderful wisdom that was imparted to me on our arctic expedition this summer, advice on how to tackle the really big, intimidating things. I won’t give away the punchline. Instead, I encourage you to read about it on my friends blog, “Wynn Anne’s Meanderings“. I guarantee it’s great advice though, very practical. I’ve started using it in my own life, to tackle those monster projects that I’m afraid to start. And it works!

Wynn Anne is a great writer and her blog covers all kinds of topics from photography, to philosophy of life and everything under the sun. So I hope you’ll tune in and check out her blog. She also has a beautiful 2015 calendar of her images that is for sale so please hop on over to her blog to have a look. Her images are fabulous!

copyright Shelley L. Ball

copyright Shelley L. Ball


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