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Arctic Expedition 2014 – the story of our adventure… part I


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August 4, 2014 · 5:53 pm

Arctic Expedition 2014 – Icebergs & Sunsets

Hi Folks,

Sorry for my lack of posting here. Madly trying to process images from my arctic expedition and keep up with blog posts on my Biosphere Environmental Education blog and Facebook page.  So for the next little while, I’ll post links to my posts on my Biosphere Blog. I promise there will lots of nice photos so even though it isn’t a photography blog, your eyes should still have a feast. I hope you’ll click on the image below to go to my Biosphere Blog. Thanks for tuning in! 🙂


Check out my image Icebergs and Sunset on the Labrador Sea on the Biosphere Blog.

Check out my image Icebergs and Sunset on the Labrador Sea on the Biosphere Blog.

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Wanting Winter

Here in Ontario, we’ve gone from the deep freeze of minus 40 Celsius to plus 5 Celsius. All in about a week. This is actually the second deep freeze & thaw we’ve been through in about a month. Yuck. Please, please, please…. give me winter back!

I love winter. I love snow. I love cold. I don’t mind if it’s minus 40 Celsius. As long as my car starts when I leave work at the end of the day. And well, if it doesn’t. I’ll manage. It’s just an inconvenience.

We’re supposed to have temperatures in the positives for the next few days. Yuck again. I’m cheering for minus something. Actually, another great flash-freeze would be fantastic for our pond! My hubby groomed it into a fantastic outdoor skating complex. 🙂 Now it looks like a really shallow swimming pool. 😦 A good flash-freeze would freeze all that water and produce a fabulous ice surface. Here’s hoping.

Here’s what our pond looks like when the temperatures cross into the pluses in winter. It looks kinda pretty here. But believe me, it’s a pile of slush right now.

Snow is pretty. I want pretty. Again. I know the cold weather will come back. I just hope it lasts until March, like it’s supposed to.








12-7944_Tracks on Pond

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Coming Home…

Wow… I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post here again! I think this is the longest hiatus I’ve ever had from my blog. I miss posting. But life has been crazy-busy lately. I have some new projects on the go, others that I am moving to the background. So my focus has shifted a bit. But my blog is just as important as always and not getting to post here frequently drives me crazy! So I’m really working to get back to regular posting. Honest! 🙂

Today’s posting is to announce that 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week is morphing into the Photo of the Month. I’ve just been having too much of a struggle to post an image and description weekly, so instead I’ve made it monthly. This way I can focus that time on more blog writing. 🙂

This month’s photo is, as I explain in the accompanying write-up, one of those images that conveys beauty to the eye of the beholder, rather that on its own, having a more artful quality. But that’s ok. I think the image and words together, convey how special this image is to me. And so I hope you, as the reader, get a sense of that; perhaps it even makes you think of your own special place and causes you to recall some wonderful memories of a special place.

Sometimes the angle, the lighting conditions, and other factors mean that we can’t always make the image we want. So instead, the challenge is in making the best image under the circumstances. And in this case, for me, capturing an image of this special place was far more important than the quality of light, etc. In other words, this is one of those images that I took solely for me. But I did want to share it with you. I think we all have at least one special place on this planet, to which we feel a deep and unrelenting connection.

Click on the thumbnail below to visit the Photo of the Month.

October 2013

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Algonquin – the jewel of Ontario

As I wrote in my recent blog posts and with my Photo of the Week, I was recently up at Algonquin Park to attend a TEDx event. The following morning I got up early and went out with my camera. And boy, was I lucky. The morning air was chilled, but fresh and there was a light fog rolling across the lakes, ponds and marshes. It was a feast for a photographer’s eyes. As the sun rose and warmed the air, the fog lifted, revealing a stunningly beautiful early fall day.

Here are a few photos from that day. More on their way later, but in the meantime, enjoy… 🙂






13-2-1411_Algonquin Marsh_800px







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Early Morning Mist on Brewer Lake – Photo of the Week

After my continuing delinquency from posting my regular Photo of the Week, I’m hoping today’s image makes amends for my recent absence. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls – things that challenge you to your core. But photography is my oxygen. It nourishes my soul and gives me something positive to focus on. The hours of pleasure I can have in working on my images is a gift and often, in the process of working on an image, I’m transported back to that moment when I pressed the shutter release. That’s certainly the case with this image of the morning mist on Brewer Lake, in Algonquin Provincial Park. I hope you enjoy seeing this image as much as I enjoyed making the image of the stunning view before me.

Click on the thumbnail below to view and read about 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week.

7 September 2013


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Summertime – Photo of the Week

There’s been no end to the busyness this summer and so yet again, I’m behind in my postings. But finally, here is another Photo of the Week. This one is inspired by our local landscape and the beautiful scenery I see nearly daily on my drive to work.

Click on the thumbnail below to see and read about 44th Parallel Photography’s Photo of the Week.

6 July 2013

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