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A new book worth buying – The Masters of Nature Photography

I saw a post today on Jim Brandenburg’s Facebook page, announcing the release of the new book, The Masters of Nature Photography. It’s a fabulous new coffee table book containing over 100 images from the world’s top 10 nature photographers. All have won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The ten photographers featured in the book are: Jim Brandenburg, David Doubilet, Pal Hermansen, Frans Lanting, Thomas E. Mangelsen, Vincent Munier, Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, Paul Nicklen, Anup Shah and Christian Ziegler. Each photographer presents a 20 page portfolio of images, as well as describing their style of photography, influences and aims and the equipment used to make the image.  It also includes descriptions of why the pictures have special meaning to the photographer as well as telling the stories behind them.

Jiim Brandenburg_book1

For only $45 U.S., you can purchase a copy of the book, signed by Jim Brandenburg. Just click on the thumbnail above to go to Jim’s blog site. You can purchase the book directly from his blog site.

I plan to buy one and oggle over the amazing images by ten of the world’s best. A book containing that many images by the top wildlife photographers from around the world is not only brain-candy for me. It is also a great opportunity to study the images, to learn why these are winning images – what is it about the composition, lighting, perspective and other aspects that give these images that “wow factor”? I figure if I can’t be taught directly by these masters, I can certainly learn something from studying their images. I think we all strive to be better photographers. I know I am never satisfied with my images. Oh sure, my photography has improved and matured immensely over the years. But that’s different from being satisfied with my images. I’m always looking forward, looking to improve. And I have no doubt the images in this book with provide a lot of fodder for contemplation as well as just a great evening of pouring over a book of spectacular images.

Let me know if you buy one and if so, what you think.

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What’s on the web for photographers? Part I

I recently received a really nice comment from a follower, who said:

Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles.
Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?

This follower’s comment made the think of the photography resources I follow on the internet. There’s a ton of stuff out there and for me, the key is to limit my regular ‘surfing’ to the things I get the most out of or enjoy the most. I wish I had more time because the internet is packed with fabulous resources for photographers. But reality means I only have so much time in a given week to surf for all things photographic. And so, as an answer to my wonderful followers question, I’ve decided to list the top 15 websites, blogs and other resources I follow.

There are lots of others that I follow, some not-so-regularly, but I’m going to limit this to 15 sites – a three part series with 5 sites listed in each post.  This way, you won’t have a honking big blog post to read and you’ll have a chance to visit each of the 5 sites and have a look before the next ones come out. And I’ve tried to keep the descriptions really short and just highlight some of the things I like about the site. The best thing is for you to click on the links and see them for yourselves.

So I hope this helps my kind follower and provides him/her with some great resources to check out. And for everyone else reading this post, maybe some of these will be new to you and offer some great new things to follow.

In no particular order, here are  5 photography websites that I tune in to regularly:

1. Jim Bradenburg’s website and blog

One of my all-time favourite photographers is Jim Brandenburg. He’s been around for a long time, makes incredible images, and has such a connection and passion for nature that I can’t help but like him. His images are stunning. Many of them stir the soul and communicate the deep love of nature that he feels.

Check out Jim’s website. His gallery is full of soul-stirring, inspiring images. You’ll also see Jim’s passion for conservation – he has his own charitable foundation for the preservation of native prairie habitat in southwest Minnesota.

Jim Brandenburg's website

Jim Brandenburg’s website

Jim also has a blog. He doesn’t post frequently, but what he does post is fun reading. I especially liked his posts about the new Nikon D800 camera that Nikon asked him to review prior to its release.  I did my own blog posts on his review, which you can find by clicking HERE.

Check out Jim’s blog:

Brandenburg blog

I can’t let this opportunity pass without mentioning Jim’s iPad app. Definitely check it out! I have it and love it. It’s inspired me to make my own app (it’s in the works…). Click HERE to read my review of Chased By The Light.

2. Art Wolfe’s blog

Here is another master. Like Jim Brandenburg, he’s been around for a long time, but this is why he’s a master at what he does. Art’s images are nothing short of stunning. I love tuning into his blog because it’s always packed with images – some from his adventures, some from the workshops he teaches. He also announces photography contests, print sales and a host of other things.

Check out his blog by clicking on the thumbnail below…

Art Wolfe_blog

He also has some short instructional videos in his archive that are definitely worth watching…

Art Wolfe_instruct video


3. Photo News

If you haven’t seen this magazine, you definitely need to take a look! It’s a Canadian photography magazine – packed with tons of great info such as gear reviews, latest news in the photo world, photo tutorials,  and a some online photo challenges where you can submit images.  I just like this as a good, all-rounds newsy photo mag. You can subscribe to the magazine for FREE. To subscribe to the online version (saves on trees), all you need to do is type in your email address. Highly recommend you bookmark this site and sign up for the free online version of the magazine. Click HERE to visit the PhotoNews website.

Shell's List_PhotoNews


4. National Geographic Photography website

I almost feel like I don’t even need to write anything about this – NG speaks for itself. What I will say is that their site is more than  a collection of stunning photos – candy for the brain!  I love the video tutorials they have on their site. They are free and offer some great information from the masters themselves. I could easily spend have a day perusing NG’s photo site…..Click HERE to visit the NG Photo website.

Shell's List_NG Photography

5. Outdoor Photographer blog

Outdoor Photographer magazine has a great blog that I tune into. The blog posts are written by well-known photogs who know their craft well –  folks like Jay Goodrich, Ian Plant, Jon Cornforth, and Michael Clark. Some of the posts are instructional ones describing a certain technique such as sharpening your images in Photoshop, others are about a photo shoot  at a specific location, while in other posts, they present an image and talk about what they did to make that shot. Their blog posts are short and sweet and well worth tuning into. Click HERE to visit OP’s blog.

Shell's List_OP Blog



TO BE CONTINUED……  the next 5 are coming soon!


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Three Very Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Photographer and Nature Lover

Cane-02-iconHere we are, one sleep away from Christmas day. It’s a busy time of year and sometimes we find ourselves on the cusp of Christmas but still needing a gift or two. Don’t panic! If those last gifts are for either a photographer or nature lover, here are a few last minute gift ideas. And since they are downloads, you don’t need to worry about running out to a store and battling the crowds of  shoppers. You can simply purchase them, download them and then email the link or file to the person you’ve bought it for. Or, put it on a USB stick for them. Easy! But also great gifts.

Here’s an absolutely fabulous app that any photographer or nature lover would be happy to receive for Christmas:

POLE TO POLE by Paul Nicklen.

Paul Nicklen's app, Pole To Pole

Paul Nicklen’s app, Pole To Pole

http://paulnicklen.comPaul Nicklen's app, Pole To Pole

http://paulnicklen.comPaul Nicklen’s app, Pole To Pole

Paul is a wildlife and conservation photographer from Canada and produces some of the BEST wildlife images I’ve ever seen. He does a lot of underwater photography, producing both unique and visually stunning images. I recently purchased Paul’s app and was absolutely blow away by it! It would be an understatement to say that his photography is stunning. Some of his underwater images are mesmerizing, such the image below of  penguins swimming.

Image by Paul Nicklen

Image by Paul Nicklen

Not only is Paul a phenomenal photographer, but he is also a gifted storyteller. What I really love about his app is that he supports his great images with stories about what he had to go through to make the image. He also includes natural history in his writing, to give readers a better understanding of the species he photographs.

Paul Nicklen, Pole To Pole

Paul Nicklen, Pole To Pole

There are also some great video clips showing how Paul goes about getting his images  – all I can say is that this guy is dedicated! What he has to go through to get those amazing images!

Nicklen_leopard seal

Paul Nicklen, behind the scene....

Paul Nicklen, behind the scene….

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this app  as a gift. Even if the person you are buying for isn’t a photographer, I still think they’d really like this.

Image by Paul Nicklen

Image by Paul Nicklen

Another app that you just cannot go wrong with is:

Jim Brandenburg’s, Chased By The Light

Jim Brandenburg's app

Jim Brandenburg’s app

This first came out as a print book, but I think the app is monumentally better. Not only does it tell the story of Jim’s adventure and self-challenge of only exposing one frame of film each day for 90 days, but many of his images are stunning.


I also love that Jim’s app is interactive in that there are pages with imbedded video. It might include a short clip of him explaining why he made a certain image for that day or what the challenges were in making that image.


There is also additional information imbedded in some of the images. You simply click on the “i” to bring up the additional info.


And, if you love Jim’s images so much that you want one hanging on your wall, you can click on a link that will take you to his website where you can purchase a print. You also have the ability to share one of the images by clicking on the Facebook link.

Brandenburg - 22

I would highly recommend this to nature photographers, but also anyone with  an interest in nature.



And finally, I couldn’t end this blog post without including my own new e-book 😉

Flowers: fine art photography techniques and tips.

If you are buying for a photographer or a flower-lover who also enjoys photography, this is the book for them! I describe some very straightforward techniques for creating beautiful fine art flower photos.

My new e-book, a 109 page downloadable pdf, available on my 44th Parallel Photography website.

My new e-book, a 109 page downloadable pdf, available on my 44th Parallel Photography website.

It’s packed with vibrant images and many examples of putting the techniques into practice.

Sample page from Flowers: fine art photography techniques and tips

Sample page from Flowers: fine art photography techniques and tips

Flowers e-book_SS-3_400px

Flowers e-book_SS-9_400px

Flowers e-book_SS7_400px

I’ve also got a large section on creative flower photography.

Flowers e-book_SS-12_400px

Flowers e-book_SS-17_400px

For anyone who loves flowers and loves to capture their beauty with a camera, this is a must-have.

Flowers e-book_SS6_400px

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Jim Brandenburg on Nikon’s new Coolpix camera

More from nature photographer, Jim Brandenburg, on Nikon cameras. This time he put the new Nikon Coolpix 7700 through it’s paces. For a point and shoot, it sounds like a pretty amazing little camera. It makes me think maybe this is something I should have so I can carry it with me all the time. How often have I driven to work at 5:45 am, sun’s just coming up and there’s a mist hovering just above the ground. It’s glowing in the early morning sun. And I have no camera with me. Sigh. But maybe the Coolpix would be something I could carry with me all the time. I’m looking forward to reading more about this camera.

Have a look at the video on Jim’s blog.



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Jim Brandenburg – Aurora borealis

As many of you may know, recent solar activity has produced conditions ripe for one of the most stunning displays of both the aurora borealis (northern lights) and the aurora australis (southern lights).

World-renowned photographer, Jim Brandenburg, was out with his Nikon D4, just in time to capture an absolutely stunning image of the aurora borealis. Jim’s image is magical! Click on the image below to visit Jim’s blog.

Some amazing images of the aurora australis have also been captured by New Zealand photographer, Geoff Cloake.  Click here to visit Geoff’s Facebook page featuring one of his amazing images.

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Nikon Professional Insights with Jim Brandenburg

Nikon has just posted a short movie and a wonderful mini biography about Jim Brandenburg, as part of their Nikon Professional Insights series. You’ll find the link to them on Jim’s blog site or directly on Nikon’s website.

He’s also posted more images taken with the new Nikon D800. Fantastic images and more convincing evidence of the superb new camera Nikon has come out with.

Nikon has also set up a Nikon D800 microsite, with images and movies made by an assortment of professional photographers, using the D800. A fantastic site! Check it out.

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Chased By The Light – an iPad app by nature photographer, Jim Brandenburg

I have a ‘short list’ of my favourite nature/wildlife/conservation photographers – people who’s work dazzles me and who I admire for their creativity, their dedication to the field, and their productivity. One of the names on the top of my list is Jim Brandenburg. Anyone who has followed National Geographic over the years and read their magazine will know his name. He’s had a long, productive and very impressive career with Nat Geo.

I recently began tuning into Jim’s blog and have spent hours going through his galleries, admiring his images, and taking mental notes – subject matter, angle of approach, depth of field, quality of light, and other aspects. One always wants to learn how the masters do it.

In perusing Jim’s website and blog, I came across his Chased By The Light app. It was the first I’d heard of the app version of it. Jim had originally published these images in a 1997 issue of National Geographic magazine. It was the first time National Geographic had published so many images in one feature in its entire history. So, the images aren’t new. But their presentation as an iPad app is. And it is well worth seeing!

The Chased By The Light app instantly appealed to me for two reasons. Firstly, Jim’s images have so much appeal. I really relate to his style and his motivation for image making and what it is he is trying to communicate with his images. His images are ‘brain candy’ for me; they tickle my grey matter. His images are to me, as chocolate is to a chocolate-lover. 🙂 They get those ‘feel good’ chemicals going.

The second thing that appealed to me about Jim’s Chased By The Light app is the fact that he’s developed this medium not just to showcase his images, but to provide a full photographic experience. I think I was pre-disposed to like Jim’s app because I’m a big fan of e-books and apps. But Jim’s app is nothing short of masterful! It isn’t just a collection of great images. It is truly, an experience. In it, Jim explains the goal of his 90- day, image-a-day, self assignment. He explains what motivated him to do it. And then he presents each of his 90, stunning images. For me, the icing on the cake is his presentation – the extra bits that make his app a photographic experience rather than just a collection of beautiful images. On many of his image pages, he has embedded additional information and videos. On pages that have an ‘i’ icon, you press on the icon and up pops a block of text that provides more information about the image – where and why he took it, the challenges he faced in making the image, the ‘story’ behind the image. It’s an extra little window into the world of Jim Brandenburg. But it gets even better! On pages that have a ‘v’ icon, you press on the v and up pops a video clip. It may be Jim explaining how he came to choose the subject of his image for that day or the significance that particular image has for him.

The embedded info and videos makes Jim’s app just that much more of a personal experience. You get to know something about the photographer behind the camera – what makes him tick. As Jim explains, when he first conceived the idea for the project, he didn’t plan to share it widely. It was a personal journey for himself, a challenge to bring some balance and meaning back into his life. For me, his choice of medium – the app with embedded info and videos – makes the presentation of his 90 day journey far more personal than one would get out of a coffee table book.

Is this kind of app the new coffee table book of the future? I think so. I hope so! I love books. I’ve spent a lot of money on books, over the years. And I’ve always been a fan and collector of coffee table books. But to me, this app beats a coffee table book hands down. It truly is an experience. It’s at your finger tips in bright, vibrant colours. You can look at it again and again, but you don’t have to dust it once a week or worry about spilling your coffee on it. The embedded video makes it a living book. It tweaks both your visual and auditory senses, which is what I think makes this more of an experience than a read.

Another absolute bonus is the price. You can download Jim’s Chased By The Light app from the Apple App Store for $9.99. That’s a bargain for what you get in return! His app is truly a photographic experience well worth the price. I hope we see more of this from Jim and from other great photographers.

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More Nikon D800 test photos on Jim Brandenburg’s blog site

Have another look at Jim Brandenburg’s website. He’s posted a few more photos he took with the D800, showing the fine detail it captures. He’s also got a link to Nikon’s website for more example. The detail looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see more images once people get their hands on the camera. I think we’ll be in for a really good show! 🙂

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Nature Photographer Jim Brandenburg’s test of the Nikon D800

Have a look at Jim Brandenburg’s blog. He was commissioned by Nikon to put the new D800 through it’s paces prior to launch date.

Click on the thumbnail below to visit Jim’s blog and read his comments.


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