A Wildlife Photography Interview with Shelley & France….

Back in May I posted on my blog (May 14, 2011), the announcement of a photographic exhibit of the reptiles and amphibians of Gatineau Park, by me, France Rivet, Claus Vogel and members of the  Club de photographie Polarisé de l’Outaouais. Shortly after that announcement we were contacted by Charles Hodgson, who has created an extremely wonderful and popular blog about Gatineau Park. It’s a fantastic resource about anything having to do with the park. I encourage you to check it out. Charles asked France and I if he could interview us about the images in the reptile and amphibian exhibit and put the audio recording of parts of the interview with our images in a video. Of course we enthusiastically agreed and our colleagues agreed to have their images in the video too.

Well, here it is! The end product. Watch the video. Charles did a fantastic job on putting the video together. It’s a great way to showcase the images of the park and also provide some context to and comment on the images in the exhibit. You can also go directly to Youtube to watch the video.

Have a look and let us know what you think!

Eastern Newt (red eft stage).


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